Hazina Creations: Treasure the Art of Adorning

Hazina is the Swahili word for treasure.

When you adorn yourself with accessories that make you feel special then it is indeed a treasure to hold on to.

All items are handmade by me with care and love.

I specialise in 3 mediums; bead weaving, resin and wire sculpting.

All mediums are used to create jewellery and accessories to be worn.

Some pieces are made using more than 1 medium i.e. resin focal with wire bezel.

To give you an indication of time:

Bead weaving, items can take between 3 hours and 3 weeks to finish. Depending on the item.

Resin: Items are done over 2 – 3 days. This includes 2 castings, filing, sanding, buffing (and drilling if needed) of each piece no matter how small.

Wire sculpting, takes an average of 3 hours per piece.

Many of the pieces are unique or “one offs” especially the pieces made with embedded fabric in resin.

So... enough of the introduction.

Enjoy my collection.

Maxine Fletcher